- Strong research and development ability: AOA is continuing research and development on new products.
- Production capacity: media converter 1000 pieces per day, industrial switch 500pcs per day, SFP 5000 pieces per day.
- The most reliable products: 100% of the items are tested before shipment
-Experience and experience: our products are used in telecommunications companies around the world, such as: Vietnam-Viettel, Thailand-TOT CAT, Russia-Rostelecom, Spain-Telefonica Movistar, Latin America-Claro

Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co., Ltd (BDCOM), founded in 1994, is now one of the leading providers of network and communication solutions in China. BDCOM itself invented the first X.25 network card and the first commercialized router in China. Since then, BDCOM has been at the forefront of network and communication technologies. Until now, BDCOM switches, EPON products, routers and network security devices have been widely used in many areas, such as the banking system, education system, government, and even the defense system in China, which stimulate their development in the information technology era.

Established in January 2003, FirstMile is a technology company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of access services, broadband access and industrial networks.
Using our solid technical knowledge and skills in the field of Ethernet and Optical transmission, First Mile is able to effectively meet the requirements of carriers, enterprises as well as industrial users of Ethernet. We can offer a full portfolio of 1G / 10G media processing products, 1G / 10G / 40G / 100G transponders, industrial network products and broadband access products via any cable.
Our clients are network operators around the world who provide open access to service providers. Until now, FirstMile products have been sent to more than 50 countries, including the USA, Germany, Australia, Albania, Venezuela, Hungary, Russia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Finland, Demark, Ukraine, Turkey, Macedonia, Poland, Sweden, Norway and Singapore and Singapore. Malaysia.
FirstMile also offers ODM services and custom design services to clients from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong and others.

Hangzhou FCTEL Technology Co., Ltd a high-tech company. We focus on fiber-optic communication and network access.
Our product is PDH, SDH, Interface Convertor, Fiber Modem, PCM, Fiber Media Converter, Video Fiber MUX and so on. We provide a full range of transmission solutions. All products are covered by their own proprietary intellectual property rights. In addition, we offer specialized technical support and non-standard products.
The emphasis is on creating a company that focuses on OEM (ODM) and adaptation in fiber optic transmission, data communication and access networks.
We warmly welcome our clients and friends from around the world who want to meet together, develop together and develop together.